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If you'd like to send mail to me i will read all that you send, post the most pertinent material that will appeal to a majority of the other visitors, and sometimes i will create an article based on what you send in. i cannot respond via e-mail.

Mail will be rotated off, but the articles will be posted in other areas of the site for members with links given either here or in Sir Red's Map Room. All mail received will be received with the understanding that it may be posted unless you request otherwise. Please use an alias in your signature (important) in case i forget to hide it for you. This is designed for the subs to use, but if a Dom wants to write it will be received with open arms, as it should be.

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First some requests...

Click here
for big pic! Subject: straitjacket pics

> There's not a lot of straitjacket pics on
> the web. And i love your site. KEEP UP THE GOOD
> WORK!!

Thank you Sir! Glad that you reminded me Sir. i promise to make one just for you Sir.


Heather Bond

Good Morning!

--- Heather Bond wrote:
--- Links page -
> I have recently been updating the links on my site
> and
> have placed a link to your site in the 'Friends,
> Influences and Inspirations' section which I trust
> is
> OK.
Wow! that's great, thank you!

> As part of the link I have placed a thumbnail image
> of
> one of the pictures from your site (free section)
> which links to your page.

> The reason for writing is twofold:
> * Is it ok to use one of your images in this way?

Sure, absolutely! All my pics are free for anyone to use as long as it's done in a way that promotes bondage.

> If
> not let me know and I will remove it. I am aware
> that
> many webmasters do not want resized pictures used -
> or
> in some cases any! I will maintain the link
> regardless
> as the page is sincere.
Thank you, a sub is happy, honored even!

> * I realize that you larger sites rarely link to
> smaller ones. If you feel either now or in the
> future
> that the site merits a return link I would, of
> course,
> be honored!
i will be sure to mention your site to Sir Red. He, of course, has domain over what sites he links to. What say ye Sir Red? It's a nice site at!

> Thank you, and thank you for the pleasure your sites
> and activities have given me.

Just went and visited your site Heather. Very nice looking. i'm just a simple country gal who finds it necessary to speak out more than i really want to.

And thank you for a most warm and kind letter, you made me feel good this morning...

> Do excuse the
> 'standard
> letter' type of message...
?Standard? Seems like a fab letter to me! Thanks again!
> =====
> Heather Bond


Two answers in one

> >> Howdy, a long time ago I found some drawings .....
> >> I'd like to use them
> The Url to the drawings is
Thank you Sir. Parts of my site have been translated into Russian, African, French...
> Ok, now add Italian to the list :-)
> The Url to your article "what is bondage for me" is
> (4 pages)
> I did not fully translate it because
> 1) The letters and comments where written by American
> women and their view of life is different from
> Italian's
> 2) did not have time!!! (and that is something you
> understand, I think) :-) :-)
> But I will, in time.
> I tried to respect your style.
Thank you Sir, you are most kind.

> The Url to your article "how to get undressed while
> tied" is
> That is all I have used from your site, for the time
> being.
> Ciao from Italy
i told you in my last letter that you honored me muchly by translating my work, but the experience of visiting your links was an experience that i will remember with fondness for a long time to come. Thank you!

We Americans are innocent to the ways of the world in a lot of ways. The way we look at most other countries is with confusion and awe. For just a few minutes you made me into an Italian redhead and it was fun and more. i saw myself as some Italian with all the hidden mysteries, the boldness, and the uniqueness of a real Italian. i enjoyed that and maybe learned from it. i hope i have.

In America i am somewhat of a ditz or an airhead sometimes and while that's ok if not carried to extremes the Italian version of myself had something that i don't think any of us Americans can very well define, instead we just put a wrapper on it and call that feeling, state of being, circumstance... ..we call it "Continental". If that doesn't translate well then lets just say that it is high praise.

Thank you for a delightful experience, i loved it! (Sitting a little taller in my chair Sir)


Combo letter with a picture!

Greetings Sir!

"Sorry to take so long to get back to you"!? Wow! i just wrote to you this morning Sir! giggle

Thanks for permission to use the pic and i will be sure to give it the link you want Sir.

Grateful kisses
Click on me to see big pic!
--- "Rhino" wrote:
> Hey Shev,
> Sorry to take so long to get back to you. You can go ahead and post the pic. Please give credit to "Rhino" with my e-mail as for comments.
> Hope all is well!
> "Rhino"
>ATTACHMENT name=sambd1.jpg

i think we are going to see a great new comic heroine in our future named Sam!

Subject: you surely want that fantasy ........ *grin*

To: "''"

Greetings Sir Northman

You don't know me.... while I've seen your site for at least 2 years (I've been looking at Red's site for a while, when it was completely free, so I did see your name there and visited quickly in the pass), but I started reading more of the stuff you wrote... while there isn't much new to me in your thought since I'm not exactly a 'newbie' to BDSM and spent quite a bit of time on 'chat' ( in the last 3 years and pretty much heard it all in one form or another, I can't help see so many of the pieces I've seen over the years arrange differently in your life.... I'll try to be clear but I doubt that will happen since I talk in circles, especially if I'm going to attempt to describe what I think I understand from your situation.... I'm not sure I read enough of the different pieces of the puzzle to not make a wrong assessment.... ok here it goes LOL

This is good, i've read ahead and you are about to give my biography. It sure is convoluted to be sure and i thank you. Now that i have become resident sub here at Red's Realm i'm sure that some of his guests would like to know, "Who is this person?" giggle

Ok you just got married to rob (who is a sub also) who seems to not be as 'insatiable' as you are when it comes to 'bondage'

When i first began sharing what was going on with Rob and myself i spelled his name as 'rob', but only for a very short time. While i type it as 'Rob' he still doesn't like 'Master Rob', but he does allow me to call him 'Sir Rob' in the heat of a scene. Rob is always ready for some sex, but you are right; i'm afraid that i am insatiable (blush.)

Me.. ..and j... .... rob is a relative of j'.... your ex-roommate now that you live with rob...

Close enough. giggle

(I do wonder if she is ok, that picnic episode with the water balloons, when she was left untied because no ropes were available after someone needed them back, really pinch my heart...

j has found a great guy that, on the net, i refer to as Ed. They both seem very very happy which makes me glad for her. When i moved in with Rob i felt very guilty about j.

..and I read that comic strip you had made I suspect a while ago since you were talking about Master Chris there, and j' was with Master D', still not sure if Master D' was the same as Sir Dan from Australia...

No, Sir D is not Dan Defogh. i still hear from both of them from time to time.

Pic showing Sir D,
Dan Dofogh, j, and myself
all at the same time.

..anyway, you see I'm famous with my 'opening a parenthesis' LOL, and I think I recall reading that you moved with her after you left that first boyfriend of yours that abducted you, used and abused you, and that you and j' were playing bondage, well the play was more like bi-female, I really liked that BDhose, you know the boots, I prefer high heels shoes, I liked your comment about not finding seamed stockings, but I think it was better to have the pantyhose since when you were tied up very good by her, you felt the fabric when you moved a little, yes sheer to the waist hose can be sometime as good as stockings, especially for the 'victim', but you said you were living together until you would find 'mates', I'll end up this parenthesis basically to ask if j' is ok, does she has someone in her life, I'm not asking that to volunteer, just as a concern since you are with rob now, and I'm old fashion and would like everyone to be happy)... you see all these details are very important.....

Yes, j is a very happy camper. i'm glad that she and i had the relationship we had as lovers for awhile, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Neither of us could get satisfied the way we wanted to without a man in the picture and we knew as soon as one of us did get in the picture j and i would be torn apart. The love part was great, the splitting up was rough. i learned to never get in a serious relationship unless it can last.

on September 25 you express this 'Shevette needs'.... which is basically this good old fantasy of 'Damsel in distress' but with a 'play force' or very close to the 'villain being rather nasty'.... this is what you wanted earlier when you wanted rob to do that fantasy... and boy did I liked that description of your 'potential' outfit.... the fishnet hose, the rubber skirt etc... and too much make up.... you wanted to play the 'victim' and not to be pleasant.... and you are trying still to get at this fantasy regardless of what you wrote after he said no.... I do understand why he said no.... there was this sentence you wrote about 'i almost wanted to not feel it', you were referring to be so unpleasant, i.e., the tight bondage, the semi-roughness, that you would feel 'rape' but with some safety of knowing it wasn't a 'real rape'..... you still have excitement (for lack of better word) about how your first boyfriend had you as a 'sex-slave'..... you do say even now that you want to be a 'complete sex-slave'.... but without the horror of what it would be if you really were in that situation (really-abuse) ... that is very common shevette..... but rob can't see you cry..... I assume you told him about that past life, and he probably promises himself that he would never hurt you, he loves you.... sure you are trying to tell him you are not 'fragile' but it is hard for a man who loves a woman to not trying to be the anti-abuser even if she says "i'll use my safe word, if it goes to far".....

Right now i am pretty cool with things bondage, but i guess i will always struggle with how much of a sub i want/need to be. There's still something out there that i do not understand, but it's like they say about life being a journey, not a destination.

ok, why do I know about this.... in my years on chat... I was interested in the 'damsels in distress' scenarios.... I spent times in rooms like #Bound&Gags, #abduct_me (there is a parenthesis again, I came on that server about 6 months after the 'old gang' had started on chat rooms coming directly from the web page.... yes I read your comment about chat rooms not being free???... most of us downloads chat-softwares like mIRC or PIRCH so we don't come from the sites, anyway..... one member of the 'old gang' was 'Abductor' himself, yes the one that created his site, and you are not too happy he went to a pay-site system now.... ask Red how much it cost, to have a high traffic site)..... eventually people moved on and I opened my own room.... #Abduction_Inc.... I wanted to do 'real abductions fantasy'.... like you I live in a remote area, so there is no partner for me here, I won't elaborate on that, wow there I just surprise myself LOL...... I tried to make the topic of the room clear that "Order/design your REAL LIFE fantasy abduction".... of course many still thought it was a 'scening' room, but overall they knew.... they still came in to talk about the concept or how it would be done etc... but the real clients.. were rare which is normal and I liked it that way.... the one that said they were serious about it.... guess what, they all wanted it almost as it was going to be a 'real rape'.... we would talk safety, how to go to the edge without it becoming real-rape, which would have meant for me to become a 'real rapist' and that was a risk I wasn't going to take, I'm not talking about me being afraid of loosing control, I mean not wanted to take the risk of doing the 'fantasy' so well that she could turn around and send me to jail ..... but I knew that even the ones that said they were serious about it just wanted me to plan it and tell them that it was going to happen (not what was going to happen).... they thought they had made me believe that they were going to go through with it, so I pretended I did believe them and acted like I would do my best to scare the hell out of them.... I didn't tell them all the tricks I had in my head, believe me they would have believe during the 'fantasy abduction-rape' that they had made a big mistake and that was real, they didn't have thought about all the possibilities, and that I would get away with really raping them and probably worse..... strange isn't it for a guy who, like rob, wouldn't bare to see a girl crying if I or he thought those were real tears of fear.... I just wanted to do simple 'burglar ties the lovely girl'.... or the secretary at the office... or the very sexy girl in her heels, fishnet hose, tight short skirt and 'too much rouge' LOL..... but they were all asking me to be their worse nightmare, but not to be kill for real.... I'll tell you my trick that I would have use if you want to really scare them... but I have the feeling you prefer not to know *grin* just for the fun of it

Yep! giggle
A good scene is not knowing everything that's going to happen. A better scene is not knowing anything that's going to happen and just trusting your lover. Then we get to scenes that kinda veer from being fun like not knowing what's going to happen or WHEN. Scenes are fun, but we need to go very slow at first and learn as we go about what both people want. There are going to be areas of disagreement so the idea is to find them and decide together what to do about them. Sometimes i actually want, in my heart, for my rules to be ignored, but if too many of them get broken and i get scared for real then i need out right away - and how fast i get untied really affects how fast i will be ready to try that fantasy again!

I think if I understand well 'you cannot answer e-mail' so I figure you have a typo which means you don't answer e-mail other answering them on the site if you think something interesting was said, or otherwise you keep the letter for yourself but do not reply personally....

That's right Sir, score another typo for shevette! (sigh)

It's kinda confusing. If people write to me at then the mail comes to my home and i won't answer from that address. If people write to me at then i'll answer straight off the site, but i only hit that mailbox once a month or so.

I doubt I covered all I wanted... there is that relation with Red that also fits in the picture because rob is a sub and while he does play Dom, you will struggle for a while on this.... I have a friend in that situation of which I won't talk about in this letter.

Sir red and i struggled with that a bit and while we may joke around together we like it best just being really good friends. Love is more important than sex and being friends is better than messing around ruining our friendship (not to mention the ones we love). It's a hard relationship to put together and understand. i don't think either of us could put it in words exactly how we feel about each other. The word is 'friend', but that is so often taken the wrong way. Maybe if i said we just look out for each other's interests and we enjoy each other's company that would kind of sum it up, thinly.

So enjoy your beautiful new life as a married woman with a man you love and who loves you. Read my eyes...

your friend
Northman (that nick is no secret *wink*
P.S. I almost forgot to join to pics.... you should understand rob's feeling by looking closely at the eyes of the girl *smile*

Thank you Sir, a most enjoyable letter. It's a real pleasure to meet you.


Is your letter next?

Just write... giggle


Why is this pic here? Because this is something like how i plan to go out Halloween
(minus the ropes - at least for awhile!)

PS: No going to the malls for us this year! i hear the FBI warns against that...
Me as a cheerleader!
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