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Audios Philios
Sounds of Love for Lovers of Sound

Updated: February 14, 2010
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Free Music
and Other Sounds

That Dog - Gagged and Tied.mp3

Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love.mp3

Stereophonics - Tie Me Up Tie Me Down.mp3


James Brown - Prisoner of Love.mp3


Devo - Whip It.mp3

Rolling Stones - Tie You Up.mp3




Bulemics - Tie Me Up.mp3

Sum41 - Pain for Pleasure.mp3

Blu Cantrell - Make Me Wanna Scream.mp3

Lords of Acid - Slave to Love.mp3

Berlin - Torture.mp3

Tom Lehrer - Masochism Tango.mp3


Kris Jensen - Torture.mp3

Go-Gos - Fun with Ropes.mp3


Panics - Tie Me Up, Baby.mp3

John Valby - Titty Fuck.mp3



Celine Dion - I Surrender.mp3

Selena - Captive Heart.mp3

Janet Jackson - Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.mp3

Boy George - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp3


Divinyls - Pleasure and Pain.mp3

Slipknot - Pain.mp3

Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang.mp3

Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love.mp3

Berlin - Pleasure Victim.mp3

Divinyls - I Touch Myself.mp3

Sator - Tie Me Up.mp3

Every Mothers Son - Come On Down To My Boat Baby.mp3

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot.mp3

Mary Mary - Shackles.mp3

Georgia Sattelites - Tied Down with Battleship Chains.mp3


Tie Me Up
860 KB Real Supla MP3 2.9 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 320 KB The Pavers MP3 920 KB

Master and Servant
Real 926 KB Depeche Mode MP3 2.1 MB

Rape Me
Real 680 KB Nirvana MP3 1.5 MB

Slave to Love
Real 950 KB Quiet Riot MP3 1.9 MB

The Strings That Tie You Down
Real 880 KB Vince Gill MP3 1.8 MB

Tie Her Down
Real 830KB Senses Fail MP3 2.3 MB

Real 170 KB Ravi Shankar MP3 265 KB

Real 360 KB Please Whip Me

Keep That Up Wave

Do That Again Wave

Real Kinky MP3

Real Dark Sex MP3

Real Please Knot Me MP3

Real Bed Post MP3

Cuff Me Wave

Real Let Me Be Your Slave MP3

Real Slap My Ass MP3

I Love It 05/30/01 Real

Real I wanna... 05/25/01 MP3

Real What Do U Like? 3 MP3

Real What Do U Like? 2 WAV

Real What Do U Like? 1 MP3

Whip Me Now! Wave

Real All Night Long MP3

Real Have You Ever? MP3

Real Audio Philio 3 MP3

Real Audio Philio 2 MP3

Real Audio Philio 1 MP3

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Music for
Members Only

Johnny Cash - Hurt.mp3

Mandrew - Hotwax.mp3

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now.mp3

Pale Saints - Kinky Love.mp3

Risque - Tie Me Up Tie Me Down.flv Video

Ransom - Ridinghood.flv Video

Soft Cell - Tainted Love (Long Version).mp3

Pat Benatar - Prisoner of Love.mp3

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body.mp3

Iron Maiden - The Prisoner.mp3

James Brown - Prisoner of Love.mp3

Barbara Streisand - Prisoner.mp3

Mariah Carey - Prisoner.mp3

Dokken - Prisoner.mp3

Foreigner - Prisoner of Love.mp3

Robin Trower - Prisoner of Love.MP3

Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love.mp3

Candi Staton - I'm Just a Prisoner.mp3

Regina Spector - Prisoners.mp3

Metallica - Helpless.mp3

Colbie Caillat - Tied Down.mp3

Esthero - My Torture.mp3

Ill Nino - My Pleasant Torture.mp3

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Torture Me.mp3

Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed.mp3

Hillary and Hailey Duff - Our Lips Are Sealed.mp3

Doro Pesch - Tie Me Up.mp3

Johnny Thunders - Tie Me Up.mp3

Social Distortion - Under My Thumb.mp3

DJ BC - Hot and Dumb.mp3

Slipknot - Pain.mp3

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt.mp3

Incubus - Love Hurts.mp3

Hard-Fi - Tied Up Too Tight.mp3

Christina Aguilera - Hurt.mp3

Mewithoutyou - Tie Me Up Untie me.mp3

Tom Petty - Refugee.mp3

Ennio Morricone - Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!.mp3

Jefferson Airplane - Plastic Fantastic Lover.mp3

Bob Seeger - The Fire Down Below.mp3

Bob Seeger - Night Moves.mp3

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love.mp3

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistable.mp3

Tie Me Up
830 KB Real Sator MP3 2.4 MB

Tied Up in Love
Real 1 MB Ted Nugent MP3 2.2 MB

Total Control
Real 1.4 MB Motels MP3 2.6 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 1.3 MB MTume MP3 2.1 MB

Fun With Ropes
Real 540 KB Go-Gos MP3 980 KB

Pleasure in Restraint
Real 1.6 MB Genitorturers MP3 4.5 MB

Pleasure and Pain
Real 930 KB Divinyls MP3 2.3 MB

Pain for Pleasure
Real 420 KB Sum41 MP3 2.4 MB

Real 1.1 MB Slipknot MP3 3.1 MB

The Strings That Tie You Down
Real 880 KB Vince Gill MP3 1.8 MB

All Tied Up
Real 700 KB Ronnie McDowell MP3 1.3 MB

Rape Me
Real 680 KB Nirvana MP3 1.5 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 900 KB Bulemics MP3 2.4 MB

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Real 700 KB Pat Benatar MP3 1.6 MB

All Tied Up In You
Real 1 MB CoCo Lee MP3 3 MB

Mondo Bondage
Real 1.1 MB Tubes MP3 1.9 MB

Slave to Love
Real 800 KB Lords of Acid MP3 2.4 MB

Slave to Love
Real 1 MB Bryan Ferry MP3 2 MB

Slave to Love
Real 950 KB Quiet Riot MP3 1.9 MB

Happiness in Slavery
Real 1.2 MB Nine Inch Nails MP3 3.4 MB

Tie Me Up, Baby
Real 350 KB Panics MP3 775 KB

Come on Down to My Boat Baby
Real 620 KB Every Mother's Son MP3 1.6 MB

Slave Girl
Real 550 KB Goo Goo Dolls MP3 1.4 MB

Slave Girl
Real 680 KB Lime Spiders MP3 1.3 MB

Tie Me Down
Real 560 KB John Allan Cameron MP3 1 MB

Dave Widders
Real 1.4 MB Tie Me Up MP3 2 MB

Tie Me Up [Accoustic Ballad]
860 KB Real Supla MP3 2.9 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 320 KB The Pavers MP3 920 KB

Real 790 KB Mary Mary MP3 2.2 MB

Master and Servant
Real 926 KB Depeche Mode MP3 2.1 MB

Rough Sex
Real 1.1 MB Traci Lords MP3 3.5 MB

Tie Me Down
Real 1.3 MB Physics MP3 4 MB

I'm in Chains
Real 1 MB Tina Arena MP3 2.2 MB

Can We Get Kinky Tonight?
Real 1.1 MB Missy Elliot MP3 3.4 MB

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Real 1.1 MB Eurythmics MP3 2.3 MB

Tied Down with Battleship Chains
Real 700 KB Georgia Sattelites MP3 1.4 MB

Pleasure Slave
Real 1.3 MB Manowar MP3 4.5 MB

Tie Her Down
Real 830KB Senses Fail MP3 2.3 MB

Duke Tomato & Sam Kinnison
Real 1.9 MB Tie You Up MP3 4.1 MB

Cute When You Scream
Real 600 KB Senses Fail MP3 1.7 MB

Pretty Tied Up
Real 1.2 MB Guns N' Roses MP3 3.1 MB

Hands Are Tied
Real 800 KB Gin Blossums MP3 2 MB

Bound n' Tied
Real 1.3 MB Creed MP3 3.6 MB

Real 800 KB Wasp MP3 1.9 MB

Leather Dominatrix
Real 1 MB Tuscadero MP3 2 MB

Human Nature - The Video
Real 12 MB Madonna WinM 12 MB

Real 1.1 MB The Jacksons MP3 3.4 MB

Real 1.4 MB Janet Jackson MP3 4.3 MB

Tied Up
Real 1 MB XYZ MP3 5 MB

Figured You Out
Real 920 KB Nickelback MP3 2.5 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 1.2 MB Carl Sims MP3 3.3 MB

Fit To Be Tied Down
Real 770 KB Sammy Kershaw MP3 2.9 MB

Real 930 KB Puddle of Mudd MP3 2.6 MB

Scream for More
Real 950 KB Kate Ryan MP3 2.8 MB

Real 740 KB Corrs MP3 2.1 MB

So Cruel
Real 1.2 MB U2 MP3 3.9 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 720 KB Msm MP3 2.1 MB

Soul Captive
Real 490 KB Bob Marley MP3 1.8 MB

Let It Whip
Real 990 KB Dazz Band MP3 2.9 MB

Torture Me
Real 930 KB Metric MP3 3.5 MB

Mindless Self Indulgence
Real 890 KB Bring the Pain MP3 2.4 MB

Tied to the Tracks
Real 520 KB Treat Her Right MP3 1.3 MB

Real 930 KB Bound MP3 2.6 MB

Michael and Janet Jackson
Real 1.3 MB Scream MP3 4 MB

Tie Me Down
Real 2.2 MB Jessica Williams MP3 7.2 MB

Make Me Wanna Scream
Real 840 KB Blu Cantrell MP3 2.4 MB

Take My Breath Away
Real 1 MB Berlin MP3 2.9 MB

Pleasure Victim
Real 930 KB Berlin MP3 1.9 MB

Real 640 KB Berlin MP3 1.1 MB

I Surrender
Real 1.1 MB Celine Dion MP3 2.8 MB

Cruel to Be Kind
Real 840 KB Nick Lowe MP3 2.2 MB

Torture Never Stops
Real 2.3 MB Frank Zappa MP3 5.8 MB

Cruel to Be Kind
Real 730 KB Letters to Cleo MP3 2.1 MB

Barbi in Bondage
Real 460 KB Narcoleptic Youth MP3 1 MB

House of Pain
Real 800 KB Van Halen MP3 1.9 MB

Leather and Lace
Real 920 KB Stevie Nicks MP3 1.9 MB

Under the Whip
Real 530 KB The Crown MP3 1.5 MB

Real 860 KB Mobb Deep MP3 2.4 MB

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Real 540 KB Stereophonics MP3 1.5 MB

You Keep Me Hanging On
Real 1.7 MB Vanilla Fudge MP3 3.1 MB

Sweet Surrender
Real 960 KB Sarah McClachlan MP3 2.7 MB

Wrapped, Tied and Tangled
Real 490 KB Laverne Baker MP3 1.2 MB

Hands Tied
Real 990 KB Scandal MP3 2 MB

Shackles 'n' Chains
Real 690 KB Mac Wiseman MP3 1.3 MB

Real 410 KB Kelly Clarkson MP3 680 KB

Strap Me Down
Real 1.3 MB Leather Strip MP3 3.8 MB

Sweet Surrender
Real 1.2 MB John Denver MP3 2 MB

Chains of Misery
Real 870 KB Iron Maiden MP3 2.1 MB

Lady Don't Hurt Me
Real 1 MB Donovan MP3 3.2 MB

Warm Leatherette
Real 820 KB Leather Strip MP3 1.8 MB

We Got the Whip
Real 990 KB Audio Slave MP3 2.9 MB

Black Leather
Real 900 KB Joan Jett MP3 2.3 MB

You Want to Handcuff Me
Real 1.2 MB Aaliyah MP3 3.3 MB

Cruel Mistress
Real 720 KB Flogging Molly MP3 2.1 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 1 MB Unknown MP3 3 MB

Orgasm Through Torture
Real 890 KB Cannibal Corpse MP3 2.5 MB

Tight Rope
Real 1 MB Kylie Minogue MP3 2.6 MB

Old Great Master
Real 1.3 MB Adorned Brood MP3 4 MB

Cruel to be Kind
Real 580 KB Will Young MP3 1.4 MB

Chinese Torture
Real 430 KB Queen MP3 650 KB

Pull My Hair
Real 830 KB Xzibit MP3 3.2 MB

Rough Sex
Real 1.1 MB Lords of Acid MP3 2.8 MB

Hanky Panky
Real 950 KB Madonna MP3 3.5 MB

Melissa Manchester
Real 880 KB All Tied Up MP3 1.7 MB

Real 450 KB Elvis Presley MP3 840 KB

Wrapped in Cellophane
Real 570 KB Pete Hunter MP3 830 KB

Don't Be Cruel
Real 490 KB Elvis Presley MP3 750 KB

I Don't Wanna Be Tied
Real 510 KB Elvis Presley MP3 830 KB

Helpless Dancer
Real 620 KB The Who MP3 1 MB

Under My Thumb
Real 900 KB Rolling Stones MP3 1.4 MB

Dearest Helpless
Real 860 KB Silverchair MP3 2.5 MB

Real 1.5 MB Rolling Stones MP3 3.2 MB

Real 1.1 MB Seven Trees MP3 3.3 MB

Tie You Up
Real 1 MB Rolling Stones MP3 2.1 MB

Real 630 KB Kim Weston MP3 1.1 MB

Velvet Rope
Real 1.2 MB Janet Jackson MP3 3.3 MB

Helpless Game
Real 1.2 MB Heartsdales MP3 3.6 MB

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Real 1 MB Janet Jackson MP3 2.4 MB

Real 1.1 MB God Module MP3 2.6 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 1.2 MB Dora Pesch MP3 3 MB

Real 1 MB Firehouse MP3 3.1 MB

You Gotta Serve Somebody
Real 1.3 MB Bob Dylan MP3 2.3 MB

Real 1.1 MB Buckcherry MP3 3.4 MB

I Dominate You
Real 2.1 MB Pulse Driver MP3 5.5 MB

Fantastic Plastic Machine
Real 240 KB Submission MP3 410 KB

Wrap My Body Tight
Real 1.1 MB Johnny Gill MP3 2.9 MB

Negative Approach
Real 360 KB Tied Down MP3 1 MB

You Keep Me Hanging On
Real 1 MB Kim Wilde MP3 2.6 MB

Beg Me
Real 680 KB Liz Phair MP3 1.3 MB

Real 860 KB Ash MP3 2.5 MB

If I Get Locked Up Tonight
Real 880 KB Eminem MP3 2.3 MB

You Keep Me Hanging On
Real 640 KB Supremes MP3 1.4 MB

Tied My Hands
Real 1.2 MB Seether MP3 3 MB

Tie Up My Hands
Real 1.3 MB Starsailor MP3 3 MB

Locked Up in Chains
Real 1.7 MB Teena Marie MP3 3.9 MB

Weak at the Knees
Real 1.2 MB Slave MP3 2.8 MB

Tied Down and Chained
Real 870 KB BoDeans MP3 1.9 MB

Watching You
Real 1.1 MB Slave MP3 2.4 MB

Sarah McLachlan
Real 1 MB Captive MP3 1.6 MB

Just a Touch of Love
Real 1.5 MB Slave MP3 3.7 MB

Rope Burn
Real 1 MB Janet Jackson MP3 2.4 MB

Punish Me
Real 1 MB Big Pun MP3 2.4 MB

Olivia Newton-John
Real 1.3 MB Tied Up MP3 2.6 MB

Submission (Slave Mix)
Real 1.4 MB Antranig MP3 3.8 MB

Dominance and Submission
Real 1 MB Blue Oyster Cult MP3 2 MB

Real 640 KB Ravonettes MP3 2.4 MB

I Would Be Your Slave
Real 1.2 MB David Bowie MP3 2.2 MB

Real 1 MB Paula Cole MP3 1.8 MB

Shackles and Chains
Real 1.2 MB Steppenwolf MP3 2.1 MB

Captive Heart
Real 1.0 MB Selena MP3 2.5 MB

Loosen Up Those Chains
Real 600 KB Dixie Chicks MP3 1.2 MB

Captive Heart
Real 1.0 MB Renaissance MP3 1.5 MB

I Touch Myself
Real 890 KB Divinyls MP3 1.8 MB

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Real 650 KB Helplessly Hoping MP3 980 KB

Precious Pain
Real 1 MB Melissa Etheridge MP3 1.8 MB

Real 800 KB Method Man MP3 1.5 MB

Real 2.3 MB Janis Joplin MP3 4 MB

Real 890 KB Kathy Phillips MP3 2.5 MB

Sex (I'm a...)
Real 1.2 MB Berlin MP3 5.7 MB

Real 740 KB Sugar MP3 2 MB

When the Whip Comes Down
Real 1 MB The Rolling Stones MP3 1.9 MB

A Kind of Hush
Real 730 KB Carpenters MP3 1.3 MB

Whip It!
Real 645 KB Devo MP3 1.8 MB

Real 1.3 MB Neil Young MP3 2.2 MB

Real 560 KB The Beatles MP3 1 MB

Real 1 MB Deep Purple MP3 2 MB

Real 170 KB Ravi Shankar MP3 265 KB

Real 1.1 MB Slave MP3 2.7 MB

Real 1.3 MB Faith No More MP3 3 MB

Tied to the Whipping Post
Real 1.2 MB Allman Brothers MP3 2.1 MB

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Real 880 KB Helpless MP3 1.4 MB

Women in Chains
Real 1.5 MB Tears for Fears MP3 3.1 MB

Take Me Home
Real 1.5 MB King Misle MP3 3.2 MB

Dominated Love Slave
Real 400 KB Green Day MP3 760 KB

Breath Control
Real 1.6 MB Recoil MP3 3.4 MB

Slave Song
Real 1.1 MB Sade MP3 3.2 MB

Taking Over Me
Real 900 KB Evanescence MP3 3.5 MB

Rammstein & Depeche Mode
Real 1.2 MB Stripped MP3 4.8 MB

Real 1 MB Sex Pistols MP3 3 MB

Bound and Gagged
Real 1.1 MB Ted Nugent MP3 2.3 MB

My Last Breath
Real 990 KB Evanescence MP3 2.6 MB

Wet Dream
Real 940 KB Lords of Acid MP3 2.4 MB

Real 750 KB Evanescence MP3 1.9 MB

Real 1 MB Lords of Acid MP3 3 MB

Bring Me to Life
Real 950 KB Evanescence MP3 2.3 MB

Spank My Booty
Real 940 KB Lords of Acid MP3 2.7 MB

Barbie Girl
Real 1.2 MB Aqua MP3 3.4 MB

Tie Your Mother Down
Real 1.1 MB Queen MP3 2.3 MB

Real 11 MB Def Leppard WinM 11 MB

With Hands Tied Behind My Back
Real 640 KB Hangnail MP3 1.6 MB

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Real 1.1 MB Aeroplane MP3 3.2 MB

Gagged and Tied
Real 790 KB That Dog MP3 1.9 MB

Feeling Love
Real 1.3 MB Paula Cole MP3 3 MB

Wild Thing
Real 620 KB Trogs MP3 1.1 MB

If Looks Could Kill
Real 890 KB Heart MP3 2.5 MB

Beck's Bolero
Real 700 KB Jeff Beck MP3 1.9 MB

Real 860 KB Evanescence MP3 1.7 MB

Real 980 KB Kinks MP3 2.0 MB

Going Under
Real 755 KB Evanescence MP3 1.5 MB

You Really Got Me
Real 540 KB Kinks MP3 1.3 MB

Push the Limits
Real 1.8 MB Enigma MP3 5.5 MB

Go All the Way
Real 800 KB Eric Carmen MP3 2.4 MB

Real 2 MB Fields of the Nephilim MP3 2.4 MB

Submission Two
Real 1 MB Fields of the Nephilim MP3 1.2 MB

Justify My Love - The Video
Real 14 MB Madonna WinM 14 MB

Tie Me Up
Real 745 KB Handsome Devil MP3 1.2 MB

Real 1.1 MB Jefferson Airplane MP3 2.1 MB

John Cougar Mellancamp
Real 870 KB Hurt So Good MP3 1.3 MB

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Real 1 MB Boy George MP3 2.4 MB

Happiness in Slavery - Uncut Video
Real 13 MB NIN WinM 13 MB

Warning! Contains graphic violence!

It Hurt So Bad
Real 1.1 MB Susan Tedeschi MP3 2.9 MB

Hurt Me [Kinky Kountry]
Real 690 KB Leanne Rimes MP3 1.2 MB

Anxiety - The Video
Real 9 MB Pat Benatar WinM 9 MB

Kinky Kountry
Hurt Me Bad in a Real Good Way
Real 745 KB Patti Loveless MP3 1.3 MB

Anxiety (Get Nervous)
Real 890 KB Pat Benatar MP3 1.8 MB

Love Hurts
Real 935 KB Nazareth MP3 1.6 MB

Erotica - The Video
Real 15 MB Madonna WinM 15 MB

Along Came John
Real 720 KB Coasters MP3 1.4 MB

Rubber Ball
Real 600 KB Bobby Vee MP3 1.3 MB

I Touch Myself - The Video
Real 10 MB Divinyls WinM 10 MB

Pretty Smart on My Part
Real 600 KB Phil Ochs MP3 1.6 MB

Red Rubber Ball
Real 565 KB Cyrkle MP3 1.2 MB

Chains Around My Heart
Real 1.3 MB Richard Marx MP3 3.4 MB

Red Rubber Ball
Real 600 KB Simon & Garfunkle MP3 1 MB

Closer to God - Uncut Video
Real 13 MB NIN WinM 13 MB

Take These Chains
Real 750 KB Judas Priest MP3 1.6 MB

Strange Days
Real 745 KB Doors MP3 1.3 MB

Tie Me to the Wall
Real 830 KB Hanin Elias MP3 2 MB

People Are Strange
Real 530 KB Doors MP3 915 KB

Whips and Chains
Real 890 KB Fugs MP3 1.5 MB

Touch Me
Real 770 KB Doors MP3 1.4 MB

Sweet Dreams - The Video
Real 9 MB Eurythmics WinM 9 MB

Break the Chains
Real 850 KB Dream Evil MP3 2.5 MB

Moby Dick
Real 1 MB Led Zepplin MP3 2.8 MB

I Get Weak - The Video
Real 12 MB Berlinda Carlisle WinM 12 MB

Pearl Necklace
Real 980 KB ZZ Top MP3 2.3 MB

Chains of Love
Real 560 KB Dirtbombs MP3 1.6 MB

Real 610 KB Depeche Mode MP3 1 MB

Real 920 KB Barcode Brothers MP3 2.7 MB

Don't Fear the Reaper
Real 1.1 MB Blue Oyster Cult MP3 2.1 MB

Shackles and Chains
Real 700 KB Arlo Guthrie MP3 1.6 MB

Light My Fire
Real 1.7 MB Doors MP3 2.8 MB

Real 1.5 MB Traci Lords MP3 5.1 MB

You're Lost, Little Girl
Real 740 KB Doors MP3 1.3 MB

Masochism Tango
Real 740 KB Tom Lehrer MP3 1.1 MB

Got Me Under Pressure
Real 960 KB ZZ Top MP3 2.5 MB

What Do I Have to Do?
Real 1 MB Stabbing Westward MP3 2.3 MB

Foxy Lady
Real 810 KB Jimi Hendrix MP3 1.5 MB

Real 1.2 MB Stabbing Westward MP3 2.9 MB

The Bondage Song
Real 470 KB London After Midnight MP3 1 MB

Penguin in Bondage
Real 1.6 MB Frank Zappa MP3 3.2 MB

The Crystal Ship
Real 618 KB Doors MP3 980 KB

Toccata & Fugue in Dmin
Real 2 MB The Villians's Theme MP3 4.5 MB

Bend Me, Shape Me
Real 510 KB Grass Roots MP3 1.3 MB

What's Next to the Moon
Real 850 KB AC/DC MP3 1.9 MB

Let Me Put My Love Into You
Real 1 MB AC/DC MP3 2 MB

Don't Touch Me There
Real 860 KB Tubes MP3 1.4 MB

Bang a Gong
Real 1 MB T.Rex MP3 2.7 MB

Tainted Love
Real 650 KB Soft Cell MP3 1.3 MB

One Way or Another
Real 870 KB Blondie MP3 1.8 MB

Tie You Up
Real 990 KB Police MP3 1.8 MB

Where There's a Whip
Real 1.6 MB Faster Pussycat MP3 4.3 MB

With or Without You
Real 1.2 MB U2 MP3 2.3 MB

Real 700 KB Nirvana MP3 1.2 MB

Inside Out
Real 880 KB Eve 6 MP3 2.5 MB

Real 500 KB Kris Jensen MP3 1 MB

Real 1.6 MB KMFDM MP3 5 MB

Torture by Roses
Real 850 KB Death in June MP3 1.3 MB

Real 1 MB Cure MP3 2 MB

Unchained Melody
Real 880 KB Righteous Brothers MP3 1.6 MB

Beautiful Chains of Love
Real 750 KB Susan Werner MP3 1 MB

Chains of Love
Real 740 KB Sam Cooke MP3 1.3 MB

Take These Chains from My Heart
Real 700 KB Ray Charles MP3 1.1 MB

Back on the Chain Gang
Real 640 KB Pretenders MP3 2.2 MB

Real 600 KB Patty Loveless MP3 1.2 MB

Girls, Girls, Girls
Real 1.1 MB Motley Crue MP3 3.1 MB

Unbroken Chain
Real 1.6 MB Grateful Dead MP3 3.1 MB

The Chain
Real 1 MB Fleetwood Mac MP3 2.4 MB

Chains of Love
Real 850 KB Erasure MP3 2.5 MB

Chains of Love
Real 780 KB Brook Benton MP3 1.3 MB

Chains and Things
Real 1.2 MB BB King MP3 1.8 MB

Breaking the Chains
Real 930 KB Dokken MP3 3.5 MB

Heavy Chains
Real 1 MB Loudness MP3 4 MB

All Tied Up
Real 410 KB Capital Eye MP3 1.5 MB

Leather on Leather
Real 550 KB Donnas MP3 1.2 MB

Rusty Cage
Real 1 MB Soundgarden MP3 2.4 MB

Slaves of Pain
Real 970 KB Sepultura MP3 2.1 MB

Thigh High Nylons
Real 830 KB Mustard Plug MP3 1.6 MB

Spank Me
Real 930 KB Da Relentis MP3 2.5 MB

Love in Chains
Real 850 KB Paul Stanley MP3 3.3 MB

Anything Goes
Real 830 KB Guns N' Roses MP3 2.3 MB

Crash into Me
Real 1.2 MB Dave Matthews Band MP3 3.4 MB

Beast of Burden
Real 1 MB Rolling Stones MP3 2 MB

Straight Jacket
Real 540 KB Addicts MP3 1.2 MB

Animal Bondage
Real 600 KB Art Attacks MP3 1.1 MB

David Alan Coe
Real 530 KB Anal Sex MP3 965 KB

Limp Biskit
Real 990 KB Nookie MP3 2.8 MB

Stick Out Your Wrists
Real 930 KB Nelly MP3 2.7 MB

Paul Taylor
Real 1.2 MB Exotica MP3 2.7 MB

I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal
Real 1.4 MB Nine Inch Nails MP3 3.8 MB

Sex and Violence
Real 1.2 MB The Exploited MP3 3.3 MB

Welcome to the Cage
Real 1 MB Arena MP3 3 MB

Let's Put the X in Sex
Real 930 KB Kiss MP3 2 MB

Screams of Passion
Real 1.6 MB Prince MP3 2.9 MB

Pussy Control
Real 1.4 MB Prince MP3 4.1 MB

Real 1.0 MB Prince MP3 2.3 MB

Real 400 KB Prince MP3 700 KB

Fairy Tales of Slavery
Real 2.1 MB Miranda Sex Garden MP3 3.2 MB

Justify My Love
Real 1.8 MB Madonna MP3 5 MB

Real 1.2 MB Madonna MP3 4.5 MB

Porn Music
Real 450 KB with Sound Effects MP3 1.7 MB

Sounds of Sex
Real 970 KB Bret Michaels MP3 2.2 MB

I Want Your Sex
Real 1.1 MB George Michaels MP3 2.5 MB

Do You Wanna Touch Me?
Real 900 KB Joan Jett MP3 2 MB

Demonic Staccato Erection
Real 1.2 MB Belphegor MP3 3.5 MB

Sodomy and Lust
Real 1.2 MB Sodom MP3 2.2 MB

Real 930 KB Vitamin MP3 1.4 MB

Real 1 MB Liszt MP3 4.6 MB

Fur Elise
Real 700 KB Beethoven MP3 1.1 MB

Moonlight Sonata
Real 3.7 MB Beethoven MP3 5.4 MB

Piano Concerto #2 Part 1
Real 2.4 MB Rachmaninoff MP3 3.6 MB

Piano Concerto #2 Part 2
Real 2.8 MB Rachmaninoff MP3 4.1 MB

Piano Concerto #2 Part 3
Real 2.6 MB Rachmaninoff MP3 4 MB

For Someone Special
Knights in White Satin
Real 1.4 MB Moody Blues MP3 4.3 MB

Walking Around in Women's Underwear
Real 460 KB Bob Rivers MP3 1.8 MB

Feelin' Boobies
Real 310 KB Bob Rivers MP3 550 KB

No reason. I just felt like posting:
Real 540 KB Suicide is Painless MP3 1.3 MB

It's Monday, and life sucks, but smile anyway.
Real 1 MB Who's On First MP3 1 MB

Reluctant Bondage Girlfriend
Real 1.1 MB Jenna's MP3 1.6 MB
from The Complete Works of Jennifer

Tie My Rope Around a Tree
Real 480 KB Billy Ed Wheeler MP3 790 KB

Tight Rope
Real 1.1 MB Papa Roach MP3 2.5 MB

Unlocking the Cage
Real 1.7 MB Arena MP3 5 MB

Panties Droppin'
Real 1.1 MB Nb Ridaz MP3 2 MB

Adina Howard - Jamie Foxx
Real 1.1 MB T-Shirt and Panties MP3 2.8 MB

Hell on High Heels
Real 1 MB Motley Crew MP3 2.9 MB

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Real 890 KB Bare Naked MP3 1.9 MB

Freak on a Leash
Real 1 MB Korn MP3 2.7 MB

Lipstick and Leather
Real 825 KB Y&T MP3 4 MB

Fetch the Rope
Real 430 KB Screwdriver MP3 780 KB

Handcuff Your Hoes
Real 720 KB Luniz MP3 1.9 MB

Louie, Louie
Real 660 KB Kingsman MP3 1.8 MB

Waiting for a Girl Like You
Real 1.1 MB Foreigner MP3 2.3 MB

In a Gadda DaVida
Real 5.5 MB Iron Butterfly MP3 12 MB

Date Rape
Real 1.7 MB Sublime MP3 2.3 MB

Real 760 KB Off the Hook MP3 1.4 MB

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