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November 18, 2015
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girl bound and gagged


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Yahoo! Groups for BDSM Directory and Link List is our own list of Yahoo! Groups for BDSM.



AAA Bondage Company of Los Vegas offers the glamour girls of Vegas in bondage with frequent updates.
Aaron's Bondage and Fetish Photo Gallery - free foto-fiction from Wasteland.
Aasia's Bondage is a free site with galleries, stories and how-to info.
Acme Bondage is where you can find some great pics, not where Wile E. Coyote buys his handcuffs.
Actress Bondage features stills and clips of bondage from European and Japanese films.
Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard's award winning bondage fiction.
Adult Friend Finder has sections for bondage and BDSM personal ads.
Adventure Bound Comix has tons of bondage and fetish themed comics for adults.
Adventures of Miss-Sweet is the adventures of Sweet Gwendoline brought to life and photographed with stunning beauty!
AES Photo offers photos from AES Productions.
AES Productions has Ken Scott's videos, AES TV and great free samples!
Akira Lane Bound is Akira Lane's new site.
Alazars Art is the home of award-winning bondage artist Alazar.
Al's Gals in Bondage features pantyhose encasement, cocooning, and damsel in distress bondage. is where you meet like-minded people on the world's largest BDSM personals site.
Amateur-Bondage is a German site with some really cute amateurs.
Amateur Bondage Videos offers unique BDSM videos by Master Len.
Amber Michaels busty blonde bondage model has her own page here.
American Damsels - in bondage is Jon Woods damsels in distress site.
Anastasia Pierce has her own maximum kink web site with live cam shows.
Andre's Bondage Cartoons are available by tokens here now, along with live photos.
Andre's Toon Damsels is the new home of Andre's adorable damsel drawings, photos and videos.
anna's erotic art is good, but the personal info on her lifestyle and experiences is great!
Annis Art has hardcore, softcore and humorous bondage art by a rope bondage expert.
Annis Rope Bondage has rope bound babes by Dave Annis and his mascot Sick Puppy.
Anton Productions has some great damsel in distress and fetish videos.
Anuvids: Damsels in Distress is a new site with original material from Anubis.
Ariel Loves Bondage is part of the Vegas Bondage network of sites.
Arresting Images is Jerry and Julia Stem's well-named token site.
Artemis Bound belongs to Artemis Antoine and has lots of nice free samples.
Asanawa features shibari, kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage from Tokyo.
Asexstories is a user-submitted fiction archive with almost 12000 stories sorted by type.
Ashley Renee has her own web site with great free pics and more for members.
Ashley's Playroom is the place for Ashley Renee's videos.
Asian Bondage Models is all pretty, young Asian girls in western style bondage.
Australian Rope Works is run by a sweet young bondagette who does bondage by request.

Babysitter Bondage is a new site focusing on babysitters.
BackDoor Bondage is the new home of the Sgt. Major.
Badman Videos is the home of videos from Naughty Ties.
Ball-Gagged is an outstanding and well-organized site.
Bars and Stripes is Paris Hilton's introduction to our world!
Bare Leg Bondage is for those who love totally bare legs - no pantyhose, no stockings.
Basic Bondage Safety is something we should all know and practice. Read this before you play.
BDSM 4 All is a great list of top BDSM sites.
BDSM Body Waxing Candles is the place for low-heat candles that are safe for your sub.
BDSM Hardcore offers over over 20,000 extreme fetish images of all kinds.
BDSMList is a good link list site. is one couple's extreme personal lifestyle site.
BDSM in a Christian Marriage - not all Christians think God is against sex or a little healthy kinkiness.
BDSM Library has a lot more than just a big collection of fiction.
BD Video features Jim Martin's pay-per-view bondage and fetish videos.
Beautiful Agony features videos of the faces of orgasms - you can imagine any causes you like...
Becca's Super Heroine Fantasies is the new home of Becca in costume bondage.
Bedroom Bondage is the home of Lorelei - one small girl, a giant in the industry.
Belle Bound features beautiful belles bound, gagged.
Belt Bound features girls in leather bondage.
Best Bondage Links is one of the best link sites around.
Best Bound is the new home of legendary Dan Hawke.
Bhowani's Vault is full of classic Bound by Bhowani
Bianca's Handcuff Page is the place for handcuff lovers!
Big Beautiful Women Bound is for those who like their damsels pleasingly plump.
Bind Her Up features bondage scenes from TV and movies.
Birds in Peril is the token site for Squeels Bondage Adventures.
Black Fox Bondage Gallery is mostly free and mostly guest material, with some exclusive content.
Black Fox Bound UK is the new members section of the Black Fox sites.
Black Girls Bound has a huge assortment of amateur black girls in bondage.
Blackpool Girls features public nudity and bondage.
Blindfold Bound features beautiful models bound and blindfolded by Bhowani.
Blonde Bondage.NET is a huge list of links and reviews.
Blood Angels is the biggest and best of the gothic bondage sites.
Blu Bondage stars Blu - shiny, masked and bound.
Body and Sole Studio puts the emphasis on feet.
Bondage and Blouse Classics is Bhowani's archive token site. Gorgeous girls bound in silk and satin.
Bondage Auditions is a new heavy BDSM site that plays rough.
Bondage Babylon is Jon Woods' hilarious parody of bondage sites.
Bondage Beacon is a very comprehensive link list.
Bondage Blow Jobs has just what it says it does.
Bondage Bob's Models are the best in the UK available by membership or tokens.
Bondage-by-MCH is a hot new website that just opened.
Bondage by Request Jim Martin photographs your favorite fantasy.
Bondage Cafe is the home of award-winning Jim Weathers.
Bondage Chronicles amateur site from a playful, enthusiastic bunch of British bondagettes.
Bondage Channel specializes in tight crotch ropes and orgasms. is a large life-style site.
Bondage Damsels has more cute models than you can shake a rope at.
Bondage Daydreams is the old Cute Captives, the home of Hanka, Helga and other Australian bondagettes.
Bondage Directory has a list like mine, but prettier, and maybe even better!
Bondage Divas Vesta's bound and gagged damsels in distress.
Bondage Federation - a federation of independently owned bondage sites dedicated to excellence and quality.
Bondage Flix is the source for SweetTies videos.
Bondage For Free! is not just Lorelei's rejects!
Bondage Forte is a classy site with big, high-res pics.
Bondage Forum is an outstanding resource.
BondageGlam Photos is a new site highlighting glamour in bondage.
Bondage Harem is a growing conglomeration of active amateurs run by Monica.
Bondage Hideaway is home to adorable Haley Britton's girl-next-door in bondage images.
Bondage Hollywood is now Hollywood Bondage Ball.
Bondage Japan is one of the oldest and best-known Japanese bondage sites.
Bondage Junkies is a hot new site with plenty of photos and videos of really cute girls.
Bondage Lessons is for those who want to go way beyond that merit badge in knot tying.
Bondage Listings is the place to start surfing for Love Bondage.
Bondage Maidens has some of the hottest bondagettes on the web.
Bondage Mischief is a new light-hearted, fun site.
Bondage Model is a new site full of hot British bondage models.
Bondage Oracle has more great links.
Bondage Outdoors has girls bound and exposed outdoors in public.
Bondage Parade has thousands of damsel in distress clips from movies and TV. has the talents of Jay Edwards & Dominc Wolfe plus great links.
Bondage Radio - altenative music for alternative lifestyles. is the new home of Jolly Roper (Pat Powers), a witty and insightful writer.
Bondageseiten von Atelier Eisen I don't read German but I know what I like when I see it.
Bondage Suite is a token site focusing on busty bondagettes.
Bondage Tales is the home of Jack Swan's custom bondage videos.
Bondage Thrillers focuses on classic damsels in peril.
Bondage Toplinks is another link list.
Bondage Top Sites is one of the biggest and best link listings.
Bondage University is good advice on the preparation and use of ropes.
Bondage Video Clips offers premium, graphic and explicit downloadable bondage sex video clips.
Bondage Watch has one of the best link lists on the net.
Bondage Web is Phil Carson's archive site filled with classic material.
Bondanime Video is the place for hentai videos with plenty of bondage.
BondNoir is some fetish, some goth, but all tight bondage - use tokens to buy only what you want.
Bondofox is the place for furry bondage.
BondPics is the home of MN photography - very classy stuff.
BonGum is a European bondage and latex fetish site.
Boris Vallejo the Master of Fantasy Art.
Born to be Bound is JJ Plush's new web site.
Bound2Burst offers videos and fiction featuring female desperation and bondage.
Bound and Delivered - a great place to shop for videos from a variety of independent producers.
Bound and Gagged Girls has some very professional looking bondage streaming videos and DVDs.
Bound and Gagged.US is an FMConcepts site.
Bound Anna is the home of self-bondage.
Bound Beauties Photo Salon has the cutest oriental damsels in distress.
Bound Blond is the home of long-haired Chrissy Paige.
Bound by Bhowani puts the emphasis on silk and satin.
Bound-Feet features their cute little feet bound, in English and German.
Bound for Your Pleasure has artistic bondage with a clean, uncluttered look.
Bound-Girls is a German site available in English too.
Bound Honeys is Jasmine Sinclair's new Lesbian bondage site.
Bound Hotties features young amateurs bound and gagged for the first time.
Bound in the Buff focuses on beautiful babes bound in the buff.
Bound-Ivy is a new bondagette with her own site and some nice videos.
Bound Kathy and Friends focuses on "fun bondage that we all enjoy."
Bound Life is Gina's own personal journey into bondage.
Bound N Determined is the art of bondage through the eyes of Lew Rubens.
Bound 'n' Hosed features videos of pretty girls bound in hose.
Bound-Obsession is back and better than ever, where beauty is bound to please.
Bound Redheads Buy only the ones you want with Bee-Tokens. Problem: I want them all!
Bound Steel is a new site that's free with SweetTies!
Bound to Be Chained is where the cutest girls are helplessly restrained with chains, rope and leather.
BoundUnderDuress is a new token site with a nice selection of really cute material.
Bound Up! has both male and female subs in their survey of the world of BDSM.
Breast Bondage and Punishment Primer is a whole series of articles covering the ABCs of safe tit torture.
BrendasBound is the home of Brenda Bound and her friends.
Brian's Page is one of the oldest and most popular discussion groups.
Bring out the G.I.M.P. is a discussion group for extreme bondage videos. Now at their new address.
British Bound Damsels is a new amateur site from Britain.
Bronx Ties features pantyhose and stockings bondage from New York.

Caged Tushy or Girls in Jail is for those who like their babes behind bars.
Cali's POV is the new home of beautiful Cali Logan.
Cams4Fetish - Chat live on camera with kinky girls.
Captive Culture features very high quality, original fetish fotos.
Captive Culture (the pay site) - ran by the same people as above, 7 freebies added weekly.
Captured Snapshots has pretty girls bound and gagged.
Cast Your Enthusiasm uses casts for bondage!
Caught In the Act has straitjackets and other bizarre and unusual restraints.
Centaur Celluloid sells videos and memberships. Very creative format.
Chanta Rose: Bondage Expert is Chanta Rose's new personal web home.
Chanta Rose Bondage Pussycat is Chanta Rose's earlier bondage site.
Chanta's Bitches is where Chanta Rose dommes all her girls now.
Charlotte Fetish showcases the pain and pleasure of bondage.
Chastity Babes is for lovers of chasity belts.
Chimera Bondage is a video site dedicated to female self-bondage.
China Bondage is a new site with photos and videos of oriental BDSM.
Chloe Bond is the home of fetish model Chloe Bond.
Chris! Cartoons has a flair for high-fashion fetish.
Chrissy Bound is cute young Chrissy, bound, gagged and available by tokens.
Christina Bound is the legendary beauty Christina Carter's home site.
ChromeBound is the home of the outstanding artist and regular in our chatroom, Chromebinder.
Classic Bondage Theater features classic bondage videos for download or streaming.
Claude's Sexy Settings European bondage virgins naked and bound in domestic settings.
Clinical Torments is the place for fans of rubber medical bondage.
Close-Up Concepts is the source for videos -- a new and improved web site.
Code-Fetish is James Bertoni's newest glamour bondage site.
Coeds in Peril is the new, revised version of the old Bound Coeds site.
Collar Factory is the place for custom made collars.
Collar 6 is a web comic that's basically a BDSM soap opera.
Collar Me is a huge BDSM personals site.
Comic Book (and Pulp) Bondage Cover of the Day has great pics!
Consensual Bondage has photos and videos of fun role-plays.
Consent a magazine of fun and erotic BDSM stories, ideas, and information.
Conversation Piece features photos and videos of pantyhose bondage.
Coyote Bondage is a new site from a regular in our chat room.
Crave has artistic pix, how-to and lifestyle info and links, and a lot of class.
Cuffed Feet features their cute little ankles in shackles, of course.
Cuffed in Uniform focuses on cool cuffs and cute costumes.
Cuffed Outdoors is girls in cuff outdoors - what else?
Cuffed Teens is a new site featuring pretty young girls playing with cuffs.
CuffGirl Chrissy is the personal blog of a girl who loves and collects handcuffs.

Damon Pierce Bondage is the official home of bondage rigger and rope artist Damon Pierce.
Damsel Land is a cute blog of damsels in distress in the media.
Damsels and Slaves is another good link list.
Damsels and Villians is a token site offering premium bondage pics and vids.
Damsels Distressed has erotic bondage art, comics and animations.
Damsel's Place is the new home of amateur bondage model Damsel.
Damsels in Peril has beauties in perilous scenarios updated often.
Dan Hawke's Best Bound is the home of Dan Hawke's HOM style BDSM.
Daphne Bound is the home of Daphne's bondage video clips.
Dark Fire Gallery Extreme toys, gentle prices, free pix, great links.
Dark Star Productions has some superb BDSM drawings, paintings and photos!
Darker Pleasures erotic pix, vids and tales of breasts in bondage and nips in distress.
Dave Annis Art is the place for graphic rope bondage artwork and Dave's classic cartoons.
Dave Simpson Bondage features hi-res movies, spandex, clubgear, catsuits, and photo comic book adventures.
David Knight has some great looking videos and pics.
Dea's Art can be found here. More can be found here.
Decorative Girls focuses on girls bound to be used as human furniture.
Derek's Corner is the new home of Derek Barker and his friends.
Detective Chronicles posts new tales of kidnapped kittens with foxy foto galleries twice weekly. is a good source for those hard-to-find covers.
Devious Toys has any toy you could possibly want, all reasonably priced.
DGBondage is a classy and erotic new love bondage site by David Gibson.
DIDClips features videoclips of pretty girls bound and gagged.
DIDRedheads features redhaired damsels in distress.
DiD-Zone is a new dansel in distress site from Germany available in English. is bondage and fetish fotos and film New York style.
Domai! no bondage, just pretty young girls in the nude.
Domination Dreams is Juliet Heart's fem-dom site.
Dominic Wolfe has a huge on-line video shop w/ streaming video & lots of sample pix.
Dorothy Laine model-turned-producer makes her home here.
DP Stone Fetish is a new bargain priced site.
Drawn to Bondage features the erotic art of Ackanime.
Dungeon Delights sells steel collars, cuffs and chains.
Dungeon Furniture is custom designed and hand made, just like their leather products. is a searchable links site.
DungeonSex is new from the folks at Hogtied. It's VERY graphic!

Eden Fantasys offers discrete world-wide shipping of toys and DVD's.
Eden Wells is one of my favorite bondage models.
ElectroSluts is the new sister site to Wired Pussy.
eRestraint is a pay site specializing in web video.
Erotic Distress New set of preview pics every week.
Erotic Sensations is the place to read all about and buy everything you need for playing with low temp candle wax.
Escape Videos has pretty girls bound and gagged and struggling to escape.
Eve Ellis has her new home here.
Evil Magician is where Hywel Philips of Restrained Elegance practices his wicked magic.
Extreme Restraints offers a wide variety of bondage gear for all levels.
exsx is free bondage stories, songs and pictures by Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard.

Fantasy Damsels is a new site from DungeonCorp.
Fashion Bondage focuses on the steel fetish.
Female Escape Artist is all about the struggle!
FemDominas Brutal mistresses, extreme humiliation, flogging, whipping, spanking, & strap-on sex.
FemFeet Dungeon uses dungeon gear to restrain girls for foot tickling.
FetBot has a number of fresh links.
Fetish Bank has a well organized set of links.
Fetish-Bunnys is a German bondage and fetish site. is the home of BDSM educator Midori's Beauty Bound.
Fetish Dolls features some seriously kinky ladies.
Fetish Maidens is a better lit extension of Shackled Maidens.
Fetish-Memoirs is Helena's rainwear and fetishwear site.
Fetish-n-Leather has a great online catalog and great links, too.
Fetish Oasis has unusual videos and terrific sample pix.
Fetish Pros is a hot new site with beautiful girls in all sorts of bondage.
Fetish-World has lots of leather and latex and some bondage and BDSM.
First Time Tied features beautiful young Swedish girls tied for the very first time. includes scenes of outdoor bondage.
Forbidden East offers top quality Japanese bondage.
Force Fantasies is politically incorrect, but what the web has needed for awhile.
Forum Bondage is a newly reopened resource and place to discuss our kink.
Foxy Bound has the biggest collection of pics and videos of Foxy on the net.
Franco Saudelli features photos and drawings by award winning bondage artist Franco Saudelli.
Free Bound has bondage, BDSM and fetish related links.
Fucked and Bound is rough and hardcore and shows it all.
Fucking Machines is intense and graphic from

Futile Struggles is wholesome, homecooked bondage goodness updated daily, only $7.95/month.

Gagged Top List is a good list of popular sites.
Gagged Utopia's Story Archive has lots of BDSM fiction.
Gag Girls has girls trying out gags and cuffs, many for the first time. Buy just the ones you want.
Gary Roberts is my favorite BDSM comics artist.
Giggle Gals features bondage and tickling.
Girls and Gags is a new site with some of the hottest girls on the net, all tightly gagged.
Girl Asylum focuses on damsels in straightjackets and other institutional and medical restraints.
Girls in a Bind is a new site with plenty of pretty girls barefoot and well bound.
Girls in Cuffs is just what it says it is.
Girls in Jail or Caged Tushy is for those who like their babes behind bars.
Girls in Steel is sexy girls in cuffs and chains with lots of videos and weekly updates.
Gord Books - Buy your Gord DVD's and kinky books here!
Gord Comics - Anima and digital art in the Gord style for the kink aficionado.
Gord Store - The best of Gord's sites with no membership required. Only buy the ultra-bondage sets you want.
Got Cuffs is mostly video clips of girls caught and locked in steel handcuffs.
Goth Ya offers individual photo sets with a gothic look.
Grigbertz features fantasy bondage and fetish art of extraordinary class and beauty!
Gromet's Plaza free award-winning self-bondage and mummification stories and pix.

H is back. All new, bigger and better than ever.
Handcuffed Damsels - bondage role play fantasies including tight ropes and gags plus metal and leather cuffs.
HandcuffHandjobs - focuses on girls kept in handcuffs giving handjobs.
Hardcore Abductions specializes in amateur videos.
Handcuff Central is an interactive blog for those who love handcuffs and girls in them.
Handcuff Warehouse has any kind you want, even gold, at discount prices.
Happpy Captive is a new site focussing on girls who are happy in their captivity.
Hardtied features erotic BDSM adventures and large format videos.
Harmony Concepts without whom, none of us would be here.
Haus deSade is a new site set in a unique dungeon and offering custom shoots.
Heels and Rope - the name says it all - elegant high heels and elegant bondage by RopExpert.
Hentai Bound has all the BDSM Hentai pics, videos and games you want!
Hidden Agenda has hot damsels and a full-service site.
HIP Bondage features 3D bondage art.
HIPComix has tons of 3D bondage comic art.
Hogtied! Women. Lots of 'em. All hogtied and otherwise with plenty of samples.
HollyRope is a multi-lingual token site with fresh faced young models.
Hollywood Bondage Ball has a huge collection of bondage clips from mailstream movies.
HosedNHelpless is a new site with photos and videos of love bondage story-lines.
Hot in High Heels is Eve Ellis' new web site.
House of Gord is a multiple award-winning site featuring extreme advanced bondage.
How to Tie blindfolds, knots, gags with scarves - get started quick and comfortable.
HtF's VidCap Site is one of the best, and it's all FREE!
Hunter Bound is the home of Hunter Remmington's bondage video clips.
Hunter's Lair has recreations of Bishop's art using live models and realistic kidnap scenes.

ImageNETion has pin-ups, fastasy art, postcards, movie posters, sci-fi art, fakes and DiDs.
Imago Studios has cute amateur girls-next-door damsels-in-distress videos and photos.
Infernal Restraints features heavy metal bondage and dungeon style BDSM.
InSex Archives is the archive site for the old InSex.
Intruder Bondage is the home of the man in the black mask.
Into the Attic offers amateur BDSM adventures in the Cascade Mountains.
Isle has BDSM FAQ, Hints and Tricks, Leather Braiding, and Advice for Doms/subs.
Isobel Wren is the homepage of the hot young bondage model.
Ivan Boulder features beautiful girls bound, gagged and manhandled, with the accent on great legs.

J.B. Roper makes dreams come true with lovely lasses in creative costumed bondage.
JBR Midwest is J.B. Roper's new site showcasing the girls of the midwest.

Jackie Bound, home of the pretty sub Jackie, was formerly called Maladaptive Behavior.
Jacky-line is a new German bondage and fetish site.
Jane's Reviewed Adult Links can save you a lot of time. I got a Quality Rating!
Japanese Damsels in Distress is just what it says it is, and in English as well as Japanese.
Japanese-Girl-Roped is the place for Japanese BDSM video files.
Jasmine Sinclair has moved to Bound Honeys.
Jay Edwards is re-mastering and re-editing his old videos here.
Jeans Bound is where beautiful young girls are bound in denim.
Jeni Bound is a bondage loving trans girl from the UK.
Jewell Marceau is one of the web's top models.
J-List! has hentai games, videos and anime figures in bondage direct from Japan.
JoCoBo is a German site available in English with daily updates of girls gagged and cuffed, indoors and outdoors.
JT's Stockroom is the biggest and oldest supplier of BDSM toys.
Julie Simone award-winning model and rigger is available by membership or tokens. Check out her DVDs!
Juliet Heart the rope goddess has plenty of great damsel in distress DVDs.
Juliette's Abductions is now JoCoBo.

Kastle Archives has some very creative bondage photography, and photo manipulation.
Kate Blonde and Friends is the home of long, cool blonde Kate.
Kendra James has her own website right here.
Ken Marcus hardcore bondage & fetish megasite from an award-winning photographer.
Kiana Bound is the home of legendary bondage and fetish supermodel Kiana.
Kidnap Klub is the token site for Squeels Bondage Adventures videos.
Kidnapped for Bondage Sex shows it all, from Natacha Flade and the folks at Centaur Celluloid. is the mother of all Japanese Bondage sites in English.
Kinky Cards lets you design and email kinky greeting cards for free.
KnotNice showcases the pain and pleasure of bondage.
Knotty Silk Scarf Productions not just for scarf lovers. Damsels in distress videos.
Knotty Talk is a great new forum. Check it out!
KP Presents is another great source of fiction.

Ladies in Danger offers pay-per-view damsels-in-distress videos from Squeels Bondage.
Lamentation of the Unknown Henchman features fun commentary and caps from Hollywood films.
Latex_Leather_PVC Bondage has a nicely laid out gallery of just what the name says.
Learning the Ropes by Eric Martin from Bondage Digest #1 (1974).
Lexi Loves Bondage is part of the Vegas Bondage network of sites.
Lightspear Bondage does custom bondage shoots with pretty young Russian models.
LilDevilSexShop focuses on lingerie, spanking and bondage by Mistress Jeanie.
Limited Audience is a John Willie style site focusing on style and fashion.
Linda Bound is a new amature site featuring an adorable bondagette.
Links for Bondage has 1000 BDSM and bondage sites plus free sample pics.
Lone Star Damsels features classic bondage Texas style.
Lorettas Barefoot Bondage is a new German site for lovers of feet and tickling and bondage.
Lucy Zara - award-winning fetish model has her own site now.
Luvbright is Mick and Dee Luvbright's award-winning free erotic BDSM photography site.
Lynn Winters is the home of an original bondage MILF.

Magazine Rack has one of the biggest collection of Detective Magazine covers on the web!
Maid for Bondage is an adorable new bondage adventure game available here.
Maladaptive Behavior is the home of pretty sub Jackie, now called Jackie Bound.
Martin's Rigid Handcuffs is a place to buy unusual restraints.
Masterton Files, The photos and videos of Mike Masterton from Australia.
MaxxxBondage and Fetish is a new token site.
Medical Toys is the place to shop for playing the BDSM version of "Doctor"
Medieval Restraints is free with Shackled Maidens.
Members Extreme Access 10+ BDSM and hardcore fetish sites with 1 membership! Trial access $1
Metal Bondage focuses on topless babes in shackles and chains.
Midnite's Realm has digital erotic 3-D bondage art.
Model Bondage has hi-res fotos and videoclips of some of the web's most glamorous models.
Models Tied features high fashion and glamour bondage from Switzerland by James Bertoni.
Moraxian's Game Room focuses on helpless damsels in perilous predicaments.
MWB Art has some cute bondage art and stories.
My Bondage Closet is a toy store now with lots of bondage gear from beginners to advanced.
My Private Bondage is a German girl next door bondage site.

NabHer is RopExpert's new bondage roleplay site where beautiful girls are seized, grabbed, snatched and fondled.
Naked Gord has naked girls and the world's kinkiest gear.
Natasha Flade from Centaur Celluloid now has her own site.
Naughty Ties has over 7200 pics and weekly videos.
New York Bound is a classic archive site of great photos.
Nice Girls Tied offers cute amateur girls trying out bondage.
Nicklaw-Arts features outstanding art.
Nifty Archives has some good girl-girl bondage fiction.
Nikki Loves Trouble is Nikki Sebastian's official site.
Nude and Bound is Randy Roper's very own women in nude Shibari.
NylonKnots are nylon fetish bondage movie producers who also do custom videos.
Nylons Bound features beautiful young girls bound and gagged in nylons.

ODress is the place to order clothes inspired by "The Story of O."

Pain Files features some serious needle work, real pain and real tears.
Pain Freaks Glam pain sluts who can't get enough! Bound, gagged and beautiful!
Pain Gate is dedicated to women in bondage and pain. Paysite with a good sized free section.
Pain Vixens is for playmates who like it rough.
Paragon Productions emphasize struggling & protesting chloroformed damsels bound & gagged.
Paris Kennedy has her own glamorous site with a variety of fetishes.
Pet and Pony Girls has kitty girls, bunny girls, puppy girls and pony girls, most in some form of bondage.
Pet Girls is where luscious ladies are lovingly leashed and kept as pampered pets.
Perfect Slave features the most beautiful models orgasming helplessly in bondage.
Perfect Spanking is a great site for spanking fans.
Perils and Adventures of Spacegirl in SF bondage manips.
Phantom Bondage is the site for busty British glamour models in bondage.
Phil Carson's Bondage Web is his archive site filled with classic material.
PhM's Tied Ladies features bondage art from France.
Pink Cuffs focuse on gorgeous girls in handcuffs.
Pling's Playground is the new home of the model Pling.
PowerShotz has lots of free samples of their many models. More for members.
ProVillain is Tim Woodman's token site.
Pupett is one of the top European latex, fetish and gothic bondage models.
Pure Spanking Over the knee, bare hands, canes! Sweet young bottoms marked, red!

Quality Control features lots of impressive free sample photos and videos.
Queen of Gags offers a variety of videos with a variety of gags.
Quick Tie is a handy trick with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

Raffish DiDclips has over 2500 damsel in distress clips from mainstream movies and TV.
Railroad Bondage is a token site featuring damsels in distress on the ever-popular railroad tracks.
Rain Bound is where the Weathergirls are wrapped and waterproofed.
Rainbow Rope is the place for colored soft rope, dungeon hardware, BDSM and medical toys.
Real Bondage is the personal web site of michelle knight, an owned slave.
Real Time Bondage is new, live, hot and heavy.
Redsector Productions offers high-class, artistic bondage photography from Germany.
Red's Used DVD and Magazine Market is the place to buy used bondage DVDs and magazines.
Restrained Elegance is aptly named. Bondage pix with class, style and grace.
Restrained Logic is a new site with a lot of class and elegance.
Rhiannon Bray from Playboy and KSEX radio has her own bondage site.
Rick Savage Extreme bondage. Hog-tied S&M virgins! Pussy & nipple torture! Mind-blowing submission!
Rob's Damsels in Distress has token galleries for just the damsels you want or memberships for all of them.
Rock Man is for foot lovers, bondage fans and tickle hounds.
Rope-Bondage features rope bound babes by Dave Annis and his mascot Sick Puppy.
Rope-Erotica is classy new site with a very impressive free section!
Rope Magic is the art of Japanese bondage.
Rope Marks was Chantal's Voyage of Discovery. Real people, real Shibari.
Rope Models is part of the Vegas Bondage network of sites.
RopeRookie is a new site dedicated to bondage and fetish erotica with very classy pics.
RopeTalk (or Rope Chat) is the home of the world's best bondage chat room.
Roped Girls is original amateurs in bondage.
Ropeville Chronicles is the home of Liv Latexale, a bondagette who loves lycra and latex.
RopExpert's Bound Beauties has over 130 models and almost 21,000 pix.
RopExpert's Videos need their own site!
Rubber Bound is the kinky rubbery world of Patrick Andraste and friends.
Rubber Eva is devoted to latex and bondage.

Sabre Bondage is the home of British girl-next-door bondage. is a free site run by the folks at the Stockroom.
Sandra Silvers and her friends really love bondage.
Sartan's Working with Leather has all you need to know about BDSM leatherworking.
Satin Tied is a new site with the worlds top models tied and gagged in silk and satin blouses and lingerie.
Secret Obsessions features fine fetish fotos. is an east European site with lots of local amateur models.
Seductively Bound is now bigger and better than ever.
Self Bondage Safety covers the basics, with or without a partner.
Sensual Distress is a goldmine of facts and fotos now at this new address.
Serene Isley's Bound Beauties offers plenty of videos of beautiful damsels gagged, in heels and pantyhose.
Serious Bondage has a ton of serious info, stories, articles and reviews.
Serious Images features images from a variety of sources.
Sex and Submission is the site for domination, bondage and rough, hardcore sex.
Sexy Settings is the place for European bondage virgins.
Sexy Tied Girls is sexy girls in tight ropes with lots of videos and weekly updates.
Shackled Maidens is a gorgeous site focusing on subs in shackles and chicks in chains.
Shadowplay Imaging has a little of everything from photos to streaming video to bondage gear.
Shadow Players is mostly nude bondage with plenty of clamps, cages and ponygirls from Arizona.
Shadow Slaves is a seriously dark and extreme site. Be warned.
shevette the sub charming, intelligent and articulate, -- shares herself with the net.
Shibari Dolls has the best in Japanese style bondage videos.
Shiny Nylon Arts Bound is a new German site, available in English too, focusing on girls bound in shiny nylon clothes.
Shokushu High School where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body.
Silent Girls has thousands of pics of pretty young amateur damsels in distress gagged and bound. No nudity.
Simply Restraints is a new site featuring mostly nude hi-res photos and videos.
Simply Tied showcases the female form lovingly bound in elegant restraint with artistic class and taste.
Sir Darcy's Dungeon is still on-line and still free.
Sir Jeff's Free Ponygirl Site is all about ponygirls, of course.
Slavegirl Productions has plenty of pretty slaves in shackles updated daily.
Slave to Bondage is where Master Damon Pierce does strict things to girls who need them.
Slaves in Love has the most submissive slave girls on the net.
Sleepy Soles focuses on videos of unconscious barefoot girls, helpless and vulnerable.
SM-Factory - offers the best in custom made metal restraints.
Smile Bondage features smiling bondagettes without gags from Alexander Lightspear.
SocietySM features lovely models in sexual distress, stripped, gagged and manhandled.
Soggo's Galleries of homemade bondage and fantasy art is back.
SouthBound Erotica is new fetish site with plenty of bondage pics and videos.
Southern Captured Belles is home to the hottest new models from the South.
Squeels Bondage Adventure has British babes you won't see anywhere else bound and gagged.
Stacie Snow Bound and Gagged is Free with Tucson Tied.
Stacy Burke: Bondage Chick Indeed she is. Indeed she is. Lotsa freebies.
Stacy Burke is the model's official bondage website.
Starri Loves Bondage is part of the Vegas Bondage network of sites.
Steel Submission features metal maidens captured in cold steel.
Stervus Bondage shoots custom bondage pics with Russian models.
Stockroom is the biggest and oldest supplier of BDSM toys.
Straitjacketed features photos, art and fiction all about damsel in straightjackets.
Strict Restraint is exactly what it sounds like!
Struggling Babes is a European video site featuring amateur girls in a variety of bondages.
Suffering Sappho has over 70 samples of Wonder Woman bondage with hilarious commentary.
Suki's Free Fetish Photo Gallery - Mostly black & white - good free pix.
SweetTies is a fun and creative love bondage site.
SweetTies Family is a gateway site to a family of love bondage sites.
Sydney Hale Bound is where cute newcomer Sydney Hale gets tied up.

Talon's Eyrie is Back!
Tales of Peril is a new free site featuring short tales of damsels in distress with photos.
Taurus Artworks is a new art site with a nice variety. bind and train is #1 for young models.
Teri Grey's Site has those great detective/mens magazine covers and original art and stories.
Tetrus is the world's first portable, lightweight, free-standing BDSM dungeon suspension system.
Texas Tied - so much rope and so little time... glamorous pin-up bondage updated weekly.
The Eulenspiegel Society is the oldest and largest BDSM education and support organization in the U.S.
The Hidden Agenda has hot damsels and a full-service site.
The Masterton Files is Bondage fantasy videos by Michael Masterton.
Tied4Sex is Madison Young's hot new site.
Tieable Glamour bondage featuring the world's hottest models in high res photos and HD video.
Tied in Heels features gorgeous girls tied in heels.
Tie Up Games is a fourm for stories, both true and wishful thinking, from PG to NC-17.
Tied Virgins is a hot new site where beautiful models are bound and gagged for the first time.
Tight Ties/Handcuffed Damsels is Robert Deane's video clips site.
Tightly Hogtied has free photos of hot women tightly bound.
TNAV Dungeon has great free sample pix from their videos and CD-ROMs. New home.
Toebinder is the home of ebony housewife, Trixie.
Tokyo Slaves who will do anything - endless scenes of submission, bondage & humiliation.
ToonH has original, high-quality, uncensored hentai art and more.
Toon-Man is the new home of Andre's adorable damsel drawings, photos and videos.
TopGrl has hot and heavy girl-on-girl action.
Toran's Stories fiction featuring helplessly bound and gagged damsels.
Torvea Toys - indulge your fantasies.
Total Hentai is a great place to go for Hentai videos and screencaps.
Training of O is intense and graphic from
Trash Bag Bondage is a new site devoted to mummificatin using plastic bags.
Triple-BBB is the new from James Bertoni, recently voted World's Best Bondage Photographer.
Trussed Up is a British site showcasing a wide range of British bondagettes.
Tuscon Tied has red hot bondage from the desert - hot ropes and even hotter girls.
TVTied features trans-damsels in distress from the U.K.
TwoTied for when one just isn't enough!

UK Bondage Bob has the best models in the UK bound and gagged - membership or tokens.
Ultra Toons has some of the hottest Hentai on the web.
Unique Rope is a new site from Australia.

Vegas Bondage is a classy new site.
Van's Fiction winner of a SIGNY Award for best writer, has a new home here.
Vanya's World has kinky and adorable art from Norway.
Vesta's Bondage Divas bound and gagged damsels in distress.
Video Mayhem has rare and imported damsel in distress videos on DVD.
Vivian Irene Pierce has her own web site here.

Wabi-Sabi-Moe features adorable costumed damsels in distress from Japan.
Wasteland is the web's oldest and largest BDSM and fetish site.
WaterBondage is where everything's better when wet, especially bondagettes.
Wendy's Bondage World is all about a full-figured submissive in the UK.
Whipped Ass Sometimes the name of the site just says it all.
Whipped Women is exactly what it says it is.
White Blouse Bondage celebrates the eroticism of a smartly dressed girl tied and gagged.
WhiteRopes is an Italian site for bondage and fetish lovers.
Will Freeman's bondage and fetish photography features free pics of the lovely Jennifer.
Wired Pussy features lots of girl-girl action, electrical toys and bondage.
Wizard's Lair free superheroines in danger, distress and bondage.
Wnj Media (formerly Twisted Smile) features mainly video now.
Women Tied is a token site featuring what's new in the SweetTies family of love bondage sites.
Wrapped in Bondage is a fun-loving amateur site with real bondagettes like Pandora and her friends.
Writings of Leviticus has free high quality bondage fiction.

Yahoo! Groups for BDSM Directory and Link List is our own list of Yahoo! Groups for BDSM.


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