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Reds-Realm of Romantic Restraint
with official resident subbie shevette
Story by shevette

Here's a story idea i'd love to do...

A long long time ago we used to have this TV station that always showed western movies on Saturday afternoons. Sometimes it was a western movie and sometimes it'd be some old western series, like bonanza or Roy Rogers or Maverick or something else equally as old.

i don't dislike westerns and i didn't really go for them until...

There was this one that i happened to see. It may have been Bonanza or maybe Roy Rogers, i'm not sure. The idea was there was this guy, young guy, and he was the Billy the Kid type except he was the bad boy who was really good. Think Billy the Kid before they ruined it with too much realism... ok?

Anyway the town folk were hunting Billy and were going to lynch him for whatever he hadn't done that week. There were some older guys there and they left to go warn somebody or get the Indians or something... (i hadnít gotten into the story too much at that point.)

So it was just Billy and me - i mean the girl - out in the woods waiting for the guys to get back, the adults, the older than us people. We were talking, i mean they were talking (Billy and the girl) and he said something that made her remember something that made him remember something that made her figure out how to prove he hadn't done it - whatever it was.

All they had to do was get the evidence hidden under the floorboard of the shack of the guy that got killed and that's why the townspeople were after Billy...

*Deep breathe*

Anyway, the evidence was right there and that'd save Billy's life - all they had to do was go and get it.

Nothing is ever that easy, especially in westerns!

He's afraid that she's going to run to town and get the lynch mob and bring them back to lynch him before he can prove that it really wasn't him who had killed the guy with the shack. The story sheís feeding him about the evidence could turn out to be something she made up just so that she could sneak back into town.

She could have gone with him, she volunteers, but if the other good cowboys got back and didn't find him they'd think that he had fooled them and he really did kill what's-his-name or something. He was getting into trouble that much all the time.

He can't wait for them to get back and he couldnít leave her alone and he had to do something because in the meantime the lynch mob could find him and he wouldn't have the evidence!

She's been one of the people thinking that Billy had killed Mr. Shack-Guy! So could he trust her or not? She begs for him to go and promises she will not tell the lynch mob where he is.

He wants to believe, but he knows that what i'm saying about the evidence under the floorboard could all be a trick to just get him out of sight so i can high-tail it into town and the lynch mob. i promise him that i won't do that. Now that we had our talk i know he didn't do it and i'm completely on his side.

What to do?

Finally i tell him he can just tie me up and that way he knows i won't be able to go get the lynch mob before he finds the evidence he needs and iíll be right where he left me when he gets back. He's reluctant to tie me up, but time is growing short and there doesn't seem to be any other way for him to get the evidence.

So he ties me up real real good! Hands in front (we are talking TV show here), but other wise he really gets into it, gag and all! I can tell heís very serious about protecting his life by the way he ties me up and that makes all of this more real. i can't get loose! Itís funny how we can do things when we have the proper motivation.

He leaves me tied up sitting on a rock and rides off... (Girlís heart melts)

He rides to the cabin and finds the evidence. What i told him was right. He starts towards town to prove to the lynch mob that he didn't do it when he meets up with the good cowboys who had ridden to the next town to get the sheriff, let's say. The sheriff looks at whatever evidence he has and just knows Billy didn't do it. And then... The bad guys, the guys who did kill the shack person, ride up. There's a gunfight!

The lynch mob not being far away hear the guns going off and go to see what's happening. i think they side with the bad guys and they are winning when the sheriff gets hit and the good cowboys give up. Everyone gathers in a circle and before the bad guys can stop it the sheriff holds up the evidence and tells how Billy is really the good guy we all hoped he would turn out to be.

The townspeople want to lynch the bad guys but can't because the sheriff is there and he's a good guy - so everyone just goes back to town - except for Billy because he remembers me and heads back to the rock where i haven't moved an inch.

He unties me and holds me tenderly and we fall madly in love and sell the oil well under the floorboards of the shack of the guy who got killed by the bad guys who are in jail and the sheriff is recovering nicely...

Oh but the feeling when Billy comes back and there i am sitting on that rock all nicely tied up - whew! Still thinking about what it'd be like when Billy came back... Ummm... Doesn't it sound romantic? Can you imagine how he'd look at me for 'saving' him, how i'd look at him for really being the good guy after all? My hero! Yum yum yum!

Can you feel the emotions, the charge in the air? Is it any wonder that after all these years i still remember it? Is it any wonder that now even though i still may not go ga-ga over westerns, i'll sit and watch any of them without complaint... A lot of westerns are dated by today's standards, but there's a certain home spun quality about some of the old ones that i hope none of us ever forget.

What's bondage really all about?

Giving trust, finding a way to help the one you love or just making him happy, or safe, or proving he's just as good as you always hoped he was... Giving your all, being there for him, looking out for him... whatever way that you can.

So romantic...

So fulfilling... do know that's the one and only way to get to fulfilling, giving it your all, reaching out, trusting more than you ever thought you could, doing more than you think you have in you, risking it all... ..when the motivation is right.

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